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Piano Lessons


Are you an adult or child who has always wanted to play the keyboard?  I can teach you that as well.  We can work on learning notes, learning chords, ways to read music using both hands, ways to play chords in order to accompany yourself.  Call today to discuss what you are interested in.

Voice Lessons

In each voice lesson we will work on healthy singing technique and improvement of your singing in the styles you desire.  We will work together to improve pitch, breath control, range, flexibility, and vocal tone.  You may wish to prepare for an audition or performance, or singing in a choir, or for karaoke night with friends.  Whatever your goals we can work together to achieve them!

Let's do it!

Call or email me with any questions - you can book your lesson with me or on this website - it can be 30, 45, or 60 minutes long.  Let's Sing!

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